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P&C Association

The Barnier P&C Association consists of a group of parents, teachers and community members who meet regularly to receive information on school matters, discuss school related issues, contribute ideas and give feedback to the School Executive. 

The P&C:
  • Host regular meetings to provide a friendly, open forum to welcome parents to the school and to allow the community to discuss matters of a general nature relating to the school:
  • Plan and implement fundraising activities throughout the year as discussed at regular P&C meetings:
  • To support the school staff and students in enhancing an attractive, functional and sustainable learning environment. 
We aim to reach as many families as possible with information, so please look for P&C information in the following places: School Newsletter, School Website (P&C page), Noticeboard at the top of the staff car park, School Facebook page and Barnier P&C Facebook page.