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English as an Additional Language/Dialect (EAL/D)

English as an Additional Language/Dialect (EAL/D)

Our message to you

At Barnier Public School, we warmly welcome and embrace students from diverse linguistic backgrounds, where 63% of our students come from language backgrounds other than English and over 40 languages are spoken across our school community. Celebrating cultural richness and diversity, we foster an inclusive environment where every voice is valued and heard. Upholding an ethos of openness and respect towards all cultures and religions ensuring that every member of our community feels welcomed, included, and supported.

Teaching EAL/D students  

For students embarking on the journey of learning English as a Second Language, we provide tailored support to enhance their language proficiency and literacy skills across all academic domains. Upon enrolment, an EAL/D specialist teacher conducts comprehensive assessments to ascertain the specific needs of Newly Arrived students, tailoring support strategies to suit individual language proficiency levels in speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

As EAL/D students will spend most of their time in mainstream classrooms, we ensure that all teachers are equipped with the understanding and resources needed to effectively support these students in their learning journey. 

Furthermore, we offer individual and or small-group support sessions for EAL/D students requiring targeted, explicit instruction to bolster their English language skills. Through these interventions, we aim to empower every student to thrive academically and participate fully in their educational experience.

Reporting on EAL/D students  

As part of the semesterly reporting teachers will provide comments and evaluate the EAL/D students’ English language proficiency as Beginning, Emerging, Developing, or Consolidating. These reports will encompass comments on progress made and support provided, offering invaluable insights into each student's journey. Additionally, for EAL/D students receiving targeted explicit instruction from an EAL/D teacher, an individualised reports will be provided, outlining specific areas of focus, and progress achieved. By fostering open communication and collaboration among teachers, students, and families, we endeavor to cultivate a nurturing learning environment where every student can thrive and realise their fullest potential.

NSW Government's Calendar of Cultural Diversity